Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Too Faced Baked Eyeshadow

This has got to be one of the most beautiful makeup I ever own. Looking just like the milky way, I can't help but to look at it for the longest time every. And the best part is that, when you placed this in different angle, you can actually see a sheen reflecting pink, which you can't see from this picture.The top lid is a magnifying glass, which is interesting. This Super Nova eyeshadow is created to give you a smoky look. So, filled with excitement, I went to do a swatch.

To tell the truth, I expected to see both the gold and black to appear. But with one light touch horizontally, all I got was just charcoal black. Unsatisfied, I tried again. And still the same colour. So I decided to just touch on the gold part instead. But what do you know? Its still black, except that, it is lighter.

Well, I guess that is what you get if you want a smoky look. Black. I tried doing swatches on my hand using MAC paint pot and UDPP as base. This is the result.From left to right, I used Urban Decay Primer Potion, MAC paint pot "Painterly" and no base. I would say, using MAC paint pot will get you the best result. Without any base, the colour looked like dirt, and I believe, its gonna make you look messy. UDPP just gets a matte black. However, with MAC, that was different. At least for me, I get to see this light pink reflecting each time I move my hand in different angle under light. What about you?

Pressing my own pigments

After a period of time, I've finally convince myself that loose pigments can be really messy. And having different containers to hold pigments, actually does take up quite alot of space. Moreover, if I am going oversea or things like that, it will definitely be a hassle to carry all the containers around.

So, I went to pressed my own pigment and made it into a pressed eyeshadow. Wanted to pressed my NYX pigments, but I was so worry that the first attempt will fail (and NYX container is really small, so the amount inside, is not much either), thus, I used my MAC fuschia loose pigment instead.One of my eyeshadow palette has an empty tin, because I dropped this palette accidentally, and the eyeshadow cracked, and was beyond hope. Come to think of it, I could actually use those broken eyeshadow as loose pigments, or to pressed it back again. But at that time, what do I know, right? Right.

So this time around, I cleaned that tube, and put everything into place. And once my pigments are pressed, it looked like this.Beautiful right? Now, I can't wait to press all my NYX pigments. Going oversea is definitely going to be an easier thing now. Yes!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The addiction

I've been addicted to makeup since way back time. Never fail to get excited whenever I see colours. And whenever people ask me questions like, "what will you do if you are a millionaire?", my standard answer will be, to buy every single products in MAC.

Yes, I really do love MAC. Their vibrant colours never fail me. But you and I know, that brand is not very friendly to our wallet. Luckily for us, there are also some other brands out there which are just as good, and way cheaper. Then again, it tempts people like me to splurge too. So in summary, my spendings for makeup never end. =)

Used to keep my makeup in a makeup bag, and realising that was a little too small for whatever I owned, my boy got me a makeup kit instead. Within 8 months, that kit is no longer in good shape, and the amount of makeup in there, grew way more than before. So now, I bought something which is feasible for storing everything.This is it. Got it from Muji at a discounted price of $74. And there are a total of 7 drawers. Categorized my items in different drawers.This is how it looks like in the 1st drawer. Mostly NYX. Thank you Shirley!!! Hehe... Followed by Milani Runway Eyeshadow collection. Basically, everything here is mostly pigments and eyeshadows for eyes.2nd drawer is a little messy. A combination of things for both my eyes and face. You can see in there, there are MAC pigments, my concealer, foundations, loose powder and mascara.3rd drawer is also a combination. Except that, this look much neater. Basically, its all about cheeks and lips. So in here, there are different blushers, and a whole lot of lipsticks. Most of them are in palettes form. There is something else that does not belong here, and its the Urban Decay Shimmer Powder. But I have no idea where to place it, so I put it into this drawer instead.Palettes!!! All being placed in my 4th drawer. There's MAC, Too Faced, Urban Decay, Red Earth, Body Shop. And in time to come, there will definitely be more. Officially the best smelling drawer. Because, that's where all the perfumes are kept. Well, not alot, but there is not much of a necessity to me, as compared to eyeshadows and pigments. Besides, in the drawer, its also where I keep my faux eyelashes. Really, I sometimes wonder why I do I make so much purchase on those.If you have no interest at all in makeup, but is interested in getting coiffed, then this is the one and only drawer which you should open. My curling tongs (which vary in different sizes), hair straightener and hair sprays are all waiting for you.My last drawer. And definitely, my most important drawer. I stored my basic essential here. Basically, its more of my brushes, brush cleanser, makeup remover and sponges. Without all these basic, no matter how many pigments or eyeshadows I have on the first few drawers, I can never achieve the look I want.

Yup, so here is just a collection of the very minimal makeup I have. =)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My collection

Urban Decay Shadow Box is something I've always wanted. After looking at so many people reviews, I became really tempted to get one. But lucky me, got this as part of my birthday gift. 10 vibrant colors were staring back at me when I held this in my hand. Tried doing some swatches, and this is the result.All of these are applied without any base or primer, but look at how bright it is. So gorgeous! Colors from left to right are Smog, Mildew, Oil Slick, Last Call, Chopper, Maui Wowie, Shattered, Polyester Bride, Grifter and Sin.

Now, I've gotta get cracking what to do with these colours! Hmm...

Sunday, October 19, 2008


I'm definitely not a dope. But I do like the cap that my lil' sista bought for me, so with it, I've gotten the next inspiration. Something colourful. Had tried rainbow colors before, so I thought, why not something bright, but not too many colours. And there you go, DOPE arrived!NYX pigments are definitely impressive. Have yet to do swatches on it, but I can't help but to sing praises of how strong the pigments are. All I need is just a little bit, and the colour last. It did not fade a single bit.And a picture of my lips for that day.Here's a little tip, to get more attention for on your lips, sprinkle a little gold glitter in the middle vertically after applying the lipstick colour of your choice. Follow by applying the lip gloss. The glitters will reflect light, thus, making your lips look pouty and pretty.

Having said that, I can't wait to get my hands on Too Faced Lip Injection gloss. Shall try those sweet little things one day. As of now, glitters does the job. =)

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Babe, named this look after you. Its pretty obvious, because I used the MAC palette that you gave for my birthday. So, I did a tutorial for you, and hopefully you find this useful. And this is the look that you will be getting. Pardon my tutorial, I don't think it is very well done, because its my virgin attempt. Forgive me ya?I know she like smoky look, so I made full use of the palette, Shadowy Lady X 4. Shadowy Lady consist of Lightfall, Smudged Violet, Deep Truth and Shadowy Lady. First of, start with a clean face, prep it, and apply Urban Decay Primer Potion all over your eye lids.

Next, using MAC paint pot "Painterly", apply all over up to the creases.Then, using your medium round brush, pick up Smudged Violet, and applied up to your eye crease. And you should be looking like this by now.After this, use your angled brush and pick up Shadowy Lady and applied it at the outermost of your eye, creating a "V" shape, and slightly blend in.Then, using your blending brush, take some Lightfall and applied it right below your brow. This helps in highlighting your brow. With the same brush, blend all the colours together, so that no harsh lines can be seen. Lastly, as you have noticed, the blue (which is otherwise known as Deep Truth) was not used. So using a small, thin angled brush, underline your lower lash line. Try using Maybelline Impact Express Teal together to get a much more attracting blue.There you go, once all colours are up, apply your eyeliner and mascara. Your eyes are now complete. Fill in your brows and do not forget your blusher and lipstick. In this look, I used Bad Girl Lash Mascara from Benefit.So babe, try it ok? And do give me your most sincere comments. Hopefully, all of you enjoyed reading this. =)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday to Me

Yup, I'm officially 21 years old, there goes my freedom key. Yipee.. No longer under my parents wing. Held a little party and I'm here to show you how I look that day. The whole eye makeup was using Milani alone. And I certainly do love how I look that day.No close up shots of my eyes. But look carefully, I did eyelashes perming once again. As I grow older, I began to get a little lazy for putting those falsies. Afterall, natural is still the best.

And oh, not forgetting the haul of makeups that my friends got me. How can I ever thank them? Really happy about it! Take a look!The brushes alone had already caused my jaws to drop. Makeup brushes are not cheap, much less the whole package of it. I was really terrified when I saw it. It was like a dream come true. Had always wanted the whole set of makeup brushes, but the thought of spending my money on it, is so not worth, that's why I own only the essential tools. But now, I own the whole set. Gosh! And if you look into that big red box, its all makeup from different brands- ranging from Urban Decay, NYX, Too Faced, Benefit, and Bare Escentuals. All imported from oversea. I'm too happy for words. So girls, stay tune for all the swatches, and of course, more looks and reviews. Thank you girls for the wonderful gifts. Oh, not forgetting dear Melissa, for giving me MAC eyeshadow. Yup, dear, for you, I'll do a tutorial. I love all of you. Big kiss- MUACKS!!!

P.S. My party photos are in my personal blog. To view, click here.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Warning: The pictures this time round is not properly taken. Nevertheless, the eye makeup can still be see. Pardon me ya? I was in rushed for my birthday celebration.

This look took me approximately an hour to get it done. Its not the usual pinkish tones that you see on me. In fact, no pink was used. Basically, its just yellow, brown and teal. And trust me, teal is one good colour that goes well with anyone.I'm certainly not proud of the photography this time. But still, everything is pretty clear (self consolation). I will definitely do this look again another round. And if you like it, I will post it as a tutorial too.

P.S. Yipee, I'm glad. I've gotten all my Milani Runway eyeshadow collection. I know I'm slow, but its part of my happiness. =)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Dolling my friends~

Had an escape from Singapore, and now that I'm back, its time for blogging ya? Finally I received the pictures from Aini. Yep, its the day when I did makeup for both Aini and Uma. And someone actually commented that I looked very focused and serious while I do makeup. Haha.. Look at the table, palettes and palettes. But those are just a handful of my collection. Can't possibly carry the whole makeup kit to work.Pictures are not really clear, and the lighting is definitely not helping. But its alright, just a rough idea. Here we go.Simple makeup for Uma, so I did velvet for her, since she is wearing something in purple.

And green for Aini.Photos does not do justice. Basically, the inner corner is yellow gold, and I added shimmery green on the outer. Yea, once again, I like her makeup.

Ok, that's all for now. I really sleepy. Shall update soon!


Saturday, October 4, 2008

Review: D Makeup Corrector

This little thing caught my attention when I was shopping over at Daiso. I was pretty much curious how exactly does this makeup corrector work? Won't it be the same if I were to use a makeup remover and remove the flaws that I wanted out. But since it only cost $2, I decided to purchase it and give it a try.The packaging itself failed to impress me. But what can you expect for something that is only worth $2 right? You pay for what you get. Nevertheless, it didn't bother me much. Afterall, I'm only interested to know how and if this thing work.

When I first tested it on my hand, it felt like candle wax to me. And somehow, it has this slight oily feeling. Well, I really hate things that make my face feel greasy, but am I glad to know that the greasiness will be gone once you wiped everything away.While dolling myself, I accidentally got a smudge line below my right eye. Alright, now we are going to put this corrector into good use. Hmm..So, using the tip of the applicator, apply it to the affected area. Just apply minimal, after which, you wipe it with a clean tissue paper. And viola, the ugly flaw is gone forever.So there goes the question, what's the difference with makeup remover pad or cleanser? I would say, this is more time saving. As the tip is small, you will only focus on the flaw itself and will not end up removing makeup that is around the flaw.

What I like: -The price. Its only $2. Even if this does not work, I would not feel the heartache.
- The small tip that will only be focus on the spot that you want to remove.
- Size of it makes it so handy that you can carry it everywhere you go.

What I dislike: - Though the tip may be small, but there is no way you can sharpen it, thus after long use, its going to be blunt, and the focus area will be bigger. Blah.
- Greasy feeling. But like I mentioned above, everything can be wiped away by tissue.
- Packaging really fails to impress me. Seriously, it look as though its something that would be chuck at one corner after some time.

Price: $2 available at Daiso

Will I buy again: Maybe. In fact, most probably, yes. =)

Japanese stuffs never fail to amaze me.