Saturday, November 29, 2008

Empty eyeshadow palette

gets me really EXCITED!!! Now, where are those loose NYX powder?

It's Maybelline

Was invited to a product launch by Maybelline, and because its makeup, you know I will definitely try to be there. Thankfully, I'm having my off day. So companion of the day is none other than Annaling. Heez.. She was the first that came to my mind when I was invited. And coincidentally, she was invited as well.Yup, that's us. Pretty obvious. I went there with makeup, only to know that we should have our makeup clear, so as we can try on their products.
Now, this is interesting. Everytime we hear of a particular product review, we see all the pros and hype, but in reality, how convince are you? The fact that we had hands on for their products, not only make me excited, it makes me feel and be able to give very honest reviews about their products. So you are in luck today, because there is going to be lots of reviews.
Posters were everywhere, and it got me so excited, because all I want is to have my hands on experience.Here I am at the table, with a leaflet, my very own mirror (Annaling and I love this mirror so much, that we wanted to bring it home.. heez...), makeup remover and other essentials.And that is not all. We actually had our very own goody bag. Yipee.. Mind you, all those makeup that they gave us, are not in miniature size. So tell me, what's not to enjoy about this event?

But to be more focus, this party event was to introduce all makeup junkies their latest mascara, and gel eyeliner.The unstoppable curly extension mascara. That name itself is a total giveaway. Its so handy and best part, its package in a pink tube. Therefore, I definitely love it. By the way, have any of you have a love-hate relationship for mascara? Love- because they lengthen and give volume for your eyelashes. They made your eyes look oh-so-beautiful. Hate- because you always have difficulty in removing them.

Now good news, this mascara here is the best of both world. They give you the curve at the right place, and removing it, is as easy as ABC. Just a little soap and water, and there you go, clean eyes. And it does not harden your lashes. Ooh... Just what I love.
So, that's us, without makeup. And below, you can see the difference when my makeup is on.Saw the difference in my eyelashes? (BETTER SAY YES!)

Alright, just kidding. That was an excuse for me to post up another picture of the 2 of us. Hee.. We did not take a close up shot, but trust me, those eyelashes indeed have volume and lengthening efftect.

The next product they launched was the Eye Studio Creamy Gel eyeliner. I've been using gel eyeliner for as long as I can remember, from The Makeup Store. But the damage done to my wallet was not small. Not only, must I purchase the eyeliner, I need to get myself a brush as well. But Maybelline is different. They provide the brush as well, and its a good one too. Wow, that is really cost saving to me. Apology for not having a photo to show you how it look, we forgot to take a shot. Heez..Red lipstick gets me excited. I'm in love with red lips lately. So when I saw Annaling's goodie bag with that colour, I was so glad. And after using it, I fall head over heels over this lipstick.

Initially, I thought it would be very dramatic. But when I applied, I was surprised. It gives a very smooth application, and the colour was much lighter than what I expect. Last but not least, it gives moisture to your lips, making it look moist. Now, a little wet lips make one look really sexy.Can't see that we were actually using that shade of lipstick right? I told ya!That's all we had for the night. Did we had fun? Yes!!! And I hope you girls out there will find this useful too. Heez..

Will update soon again. Hope you can understand my busy schedule and.. I'm waiting for my camera to be back. Next post will be about mask. DIY home made mask. Now you can have your own spa, at your very own cosy room. =) Stay tune!Love,

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


All thanks to Shirley (again..), I've got myself a sample from shespace. She got me Zelda's Revenge, and look how pigmented it is.Simply love it. There is little pink glitters in the black pigment as well. Believe it or not, this is just one finger swap, and without any base. I just can't believe how much pigment I can get with one swap. I shall share the rest of the swap that Shirley did for me with her samples. Man, I'm loving them all.Beautiful right? Now, I'm so tempted to get myself all these pretty stuffs too. Thank you for introducing me to theshespace. Heez...

And now, here's my haul the other day when I bought eyelashes. As my permed eyelashes are beginning to lose its curl, I turn to falsies again. And there I go again, telling myself to save.

I promise

to blog soon ok? Most probably by tonight. The delay was caused by the missing camera. Sob~

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wanna have another go for freebies?

Alright, here you go. This is going to be a very short post. Basically, just wanting to share with all of you another product that is giving out sample. Pantene Pro- V has just came out with the 3 minute miracle treatment, which promises to repair all damaged hair from the last 3 months, within 3 minutes. So, how about getting a try on this? I definitely want to, because my hair is dry and pretty much damaged from all the rebonding. Ok, quit staring, and click here to get your sample now! Try it out and share your experience.

P.S. Quantities are on a while-stock-last basis.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Lip Sticks!

Finally, someone invented a lipstick that stick to only your lips, and will not fade away. Neither will it stick onto your wine glass, while you are enjoying your wine tasting, nor leaving stain on cigarette butts.

Now, that's something I will really spend my money on. At least, I know it is worth it. Here's a little information to share. Do you know that average woman actually consume about 4 to 6 pounds of lipstick in her lifetime? I read this from somewhere before, and I simple can't believe this. That means alot of chemicals is going into my body.L'Oreal Infallible lipstick packaging was compact and sleek. Not forgetting that it is kept in a mirrored casing.Each casing consist of the lipstick, and a conditioning lip balm. Apply the colour first, then follow by the lip balm. This can stay on your lips for hours, and its not an easy task to remove the colour. Exactly the reason why I love it.On the left, its Stay Nude, and on the right, its Invincible Red. Get this if you think that applying lipstick time after time a hassle!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Get gorgeously tanned

Yet another beauty kit from Too Faced. This time round its their bronzer that got me excited. The cover itself is way too sexy for me to resist, with pin up girls posing in sultry styles. Accompanied with unique names that are easy to remember.Snow Bunny is a combination of 4 colours, and like its name, it give a very light, glowy, bronzing effect. Act as a winter bronzer.

Pink Leopard has got to be my favorite. I'm known to like anything under the sun which has something to do with leopard spots. Moreover, this is a PINK leopard, ahh.. adding more plus points. As the name goes, this bronzer brings a little pink out in you. I would say, the final swatch look like a combination of red and brown.

Lastly, Sun Bunny. Sun Bunny gives you the idea of someone spending hours under the sun, getting the right tanned. So, you can expect that this is the only bronzer that is much more bronze as compared to the other two. In fact, it is the best bronzer used for contouring.

With these 3, you need not worry about getting a perfect tan, even on rainy days. Being pretty from home is definitely a pleasure.

Swatches were done, and its for you to judge how pretty these bronzers are.

From left to right: Snow Bunny, Pink Leopard and Sun Bunny

P.S. I've been using Snow Bunny lately as my blusher. I can't resist.

Eyeliner No more!

I've always believe that eyeliner helps to give more definition to my eyes, and also perk it up. In fact, I thought without it, I will always have that sleepy look, because of my droopy eyes. And then, with many experiments, I found out that gold itself not only is a good highlight, but also give energy to one's eyes.It gives a fresh and neat look. Now I'm more confident to be out without a tinge of eyeliner. Yipee!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Clarins Treat

Got to know about this wonderful promotion a few days back through an e-mail. I signed up for it immediately. Clarins is a well known brand, but due to its price, I've always steer myself away from it. Yet, reading reviews after reviews, I can't help but wish that I can purchase something for facial sake. Of course, I had also wish silently that the price of their items will be something I can afford.

And so, I guess, prayers were all heard. They are now giving you a chance to try their products for FREE. Yup, you heard me right. Choose your product that you want, and you can have it for a 10 days trial, without needing to pay a single cents.

So, you may say, there are no free lunch in this world. But for makeup sake, I'll not lie. Above are
the proof of what I got. Of course, 1 person is only entitled to 1 product, so I've got my boy's help too.

Just to share with you, what are the 4 freebies that they are offering. Remember, you are only able to try 1 among the 4 products.

Skin Booster- Younger Longer BalmForever Youthful- Extra Firming Day CreamAll Day Shine Control- Ultra Matte Rebalancing LotionFlawless Brightness- Protective Whitening Day Lotion SPF PA 20++
I chose Forever Youthful and Skin Booster. I'm glad that their philosophy is "Try Before You Buy".

Have you gotten your treats yet? If you are interested, drop me a mail, so that I can send you the link to enjoy this privilege.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Haul from Victoria Secret

I'm always been crazy on Victoria Secret, and I meant everything from them, including lingerie. I can't help but to swoon over their designs each time. Nevertheless, their makeup are just as sexy. Started using one of their beauty rush lip gloss, and was really happy with it. Shipping it from US is a cheaper way to purchase all these goodies.

When I was looking at their products over at Changi airport the other day, I was telling my sister how expensive it is as compared to ordering from US. In fact, it was a total rip off. Yea, but after all those grumblings, I decided that the temptation was too hard for me to resist, and waiting for those goodies to arrive, will get me impatient. So there it is, my newest haul of makeup.
Splurged on a total of 2 Beauty Rush Luminous shadow, 1 liquid glitter liner, and 1 very voluptuous Lip Plumper.Does this really work? You will find out soon. =) Its available in 2 colors, 1 being colourless, the other is baby pink. I got myself the baby pink instead.

Swatches done, without any base. Taken it with and without flash.From left to right: Bronze Ambition eyeshadow, Glow nude eyeshadow, Teal Zeal eyeliner, and baby pink lip plumper.

I got to promise myself to stop splurging on these anymore. No.More.Shopping.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Getting my brow done

This post is for clueless, who asked on how I normally draw my brows. Initially I wanted to do this tutorial using a video style. But, I was really nervous, that I end up spoiling everything. So its back to square one. By pictures. Still, I hope this helps.

Like I mentioned before, eyebrow will define your final outcome of your look. No matter how much foundation or eyeshadow you slap on, if your eyebrow is not done properly, then, everything else does not matter anymore.

Because I have a round face, an arch eyebrow will give others the illusion of a slimmer face. So, first step is to trim your eyebrow that fit the shape of your face. And because the end of my brow are a little short, so I used an eyebrow pencil and lengthen it slightly. Next, using an angled brush, together with Anna Sui eyebrow powder, I filled in the sparse area. To give it a more natural finish, I blend it lightly towards the end of my brow.Lastly, to keep your eyebrow in place(you wouldn't want any stray brows right?), the makeup market provide you with tons of products such as the eyebrow gel. For me, I would prefer using hairspray. It not only keep your brow in place, it is also cost saving.Just spray a little, and comb your brow.So that is how exactly I draw my brow. It takes only 5 minutes to get it done.

Lastly, look for the day. This look consist of:

Face: Lancome Foundation
Makeup Store 3wheel concealer
Covermark Moisture Veil
Too Faced The Bronzed and The Beautiful- Mini Pink Leopard Bronzer

Eyes: Anna Sui Eyebrow powder
Christian Dior Eyeshow- black
Urban Decay Oil Slicks
Victoria Secret Teal Glitter eyeliner
Body Shop white eyeliner
Benefit Bad Girl Lash

Lips: Victoria Secret Lip Plumper- Baby Pink